News of academic libraries

News in 2014!
Latest update: 6 January 2014
A university cataloguing department's mission and vision statement

News in 2013!
Latest update: 18 November 2013
Improving access to research collections

Latest update: 14 October 2013
How careers services and academic libraries can work together

Latest update: 30 September 2013
The latest on academic libraries sharing cataloguing resources

Latest update: 13 June 2013
Library conference in an East Midlands university: Follow the conversation on Twitter at #dwlconf

Latest update: 31 May 2013
Academic libraries supporting MOOCs
A potential checklist to use when embarking on a prgramme of PDA
A bit late in the day (on my part) but here's a link to a paper on altmetrics

Latest update: 21 May 2013
Just one word - metrics!

Latest update: 16 May 2013
A look at how users are searching our resrouces using the one search box approach

Latest update: 26 April 2013
Latest issue of Evidence Based Library and Information Practice here

Latest update: 22 April 2013
An IFLA seminar on social media use in the academic library
The academic library and diversity

Latest update: 8 April 2013
An app that collects academic journal articles

Latest update: 4 March 2013
Research data services in academic libraries

Latest update: 14 January 2013
A Sconul report on the value of academic libraries

News in 2012!

Latest update: 7 September 2012
An interview with Brian Mathews
A view on how to increase student engagement and retention

Latest update: 18 June 2012
Academic libraries: hot trends
And another view of this
Academic libraries: behind the times?

Latest update: 20 February 2012
How do libraries contribute to academic success - podcast

Latest update: 6 February 2012
The value of e-books in an academic library

Latest update: 23 January 2012
The status, privileges and rights of academic librarians
Alumni and academic libraries
More on the alumni / academic library relationship
E-books in academic libraries

Latest update: 16 January 2012
The library and student achievement

News in 2011
Latest update: 22 December 2011
The Wikispaces blog on how wikis can help support distance learners
Helping students with their writing skills

Latest updates: 11 December 2011
Helping students to assess the information/resources they've found
What direction academic libraries?

Latest updates: 5 December 2011
Here are a couple of possible scenarios that might help academic libraries plan for the future

Latest updates: 28 November 2011
Academic libraries and their use of facebook

Latest updates: 17 November 2011
Useful guide to using Twitter in university research and teaching

Latest updates: 4 November 2011
Excellent paper on making the best use of Twitter.

Latest update: 30 October 2011
Students at the heart of higher education.

Latest update: 19 August 2011
The importance for academic librarians of keeping up
Report shows that students prefer print to e

Latest update: 15 June 2011
Student use of the kindle e-book reader
American libraries suggest a link between spending on librariesand student learning

Latest update: 11 May 2011
Are librarythingfeatures useful for use in academic libraries
Future rolesin academic libraries?
Academic libraries in the 21st century

Latest update: 13 April 2011
Are wikisbeing used in academic libraries, more particularly in Technical Services?

Latest update: 16 March 2011
Latest issue of the Sconul newlsetteravailable.
Trendsand more trendsin academic libraries
Higher edin 2025?

Latest update: 16 Feb 2011
The valueof academic libraries
The roleof academic librarians

Latest update: 2 February 2011
Technological change and the futureof academic libraries

Latest update: 12 January 2011
According to this report studentsprefer hard copy to e!

Latest update: 1 December 2010
Open dataand academic libraries
Role of the academic librarianin higher education
Social networkingin academic libraries

Latest update: 29 November 2010
Very interesting articlediscussing access versus ownership and the changing role of the academic librarian
Challengesfor academic libraries.

Latest update: 29 September 2010
Take the library to the users

Latest update: 20 September 2010
The valueof academic libraries report

Latest updates: 10 August 2010
Some ideasfor academic libraries
Key findings from a surveyof academic libraries.

Latest updates: 16 June 2010
Information literacy.

Today's update: 28 May 2010


Challengesfor academic libraries in difficult economic times

Today's update: 26 April 2010

*Crumbling unis

Not libraries, exactly, but universities with crumbling buildings

Today's update: 11 January 2010

*The academic wow factor

How to provide library servicesfor the digital native.

Today's update: 25 November 2009

*Web 2.0 trends

Powerpoint presentation on web 2.0 trendsamongst young people in relation to the academic library

Today's update: 19 November 2009

*Disruptive technologies

A bibliographyof disruptive technologies in academic libraries, based on the work of Clayton Christensen

Today's update: 11 November 2009

*Technology and academic libraries

Wiki entry on the effect of technology on academic libraries

*Academic libraries in the next 20 years

This article talks about the model for academic libraries, 2005 - 2025.


An article about the use of wikisin academic libraries. You may need to login in to Athens to get at this article.

*29 reports

A blog that lists 29 reportsabout the future of academic libraries, with a slant towards the scicentific.

*Guardian Article

A report published as a supplement to the Guardian of Tuesday 22nd April 2008 discusses academic librariesand their future.