Name headings

News in 2014
Latest update: 6 January 2014
Name authority process at Penn State Uni

News in 2011
Latest update: 4 November 2011
Authority control for publishers' namesexternal image t.gif?

Latest update: 16 March 2011
Discussion on Library of Congress authoritiesexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif on Librarything

Latest update: 7 March 2011
How authorityexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif works in librarything

Latest update: 2 February 2011
Authority controlexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif and identity management in a digital world.

Latest updates: 8 December 2010
A New Zealand library's view on the use of the new RDA name authoritiesexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif.

Latest updates: 22 September 2010
Brilliant slide presentation external image t.gifexternal image t.giffrom Alan Danskin of the British Library on work being done towards the sharing of name authority headings between libraries/countries.

An interesting presentationexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif highlighting the problems of name authority control - or lack of it!

Retroconexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif as applied to authority headings.

All about NACOexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif

The above have come from the CILIP CIG meeting external image t.gifexternal image t.gifon authority control, entitled " A rose by any other name".