News in 2016

Old hyperlinks are not checked, so many are no longer useful. Sorry about that, but when sites move around it's quite time-consuming to try and keep up with them.

Today's updates: November 2016
Latest issue of C&I is available, number 184

Today's updates: February 2016
CIG Conference 2016 Call for Papers

News in 2013

Todays updates: 21 May 2013
Find updates on all the CIG activities on the CILIP CIG blog.
Here's a report of the latest CIG visit
Pop-up training session on RDA
Latest issue of C&I
Reports from the CIG 2012 conference

Today's updates: 30 October 2011
Review of the CIG Re-classification eventexternal image t.gif, September.

Today's updates: 8 December 2010
A report on the CIG 2010external image t.gifexternal image t.gif conference held in September

Today's updates: 29 September 2010
Presentations from the CIG conference external image t.gifexternal image t.gifare now available.

Today's updates: 20 September 2010
The CIG annual conference took place on 13-15 September 2010, at Exeter University, and comprised sessions on the following:

as well as a keynote address from Biddy Fisher, the CIG AGM and an open mic session.

Papers and presentations from the conference will be available from the CIG websiteexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif.

Today's updates: 14 April 2010
More information on the CIG conference 2010external image t.gifexternal image t.gif and the conference websiteexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif will be updated shortly.

Today's updates: 27 November 2009:

*CIG conference 2010

Call for papers for the next conferenceexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif, with a bit of detail about the contents of the sessions.

*CIG blog

Checkout the CIG blogexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif!

*CIG Standards Forum and CIG AGM

Copies of the presentationsexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif given at this session are available on the internet by clicking the appropriate links on this site.

*CIG conference 2008

Notes from the recent CIG conferenceexternal image t.gifexternal image t.gif in September 2008