Updates in 2017

Latest updates: 16 January 2017
More on archives
Lots in miscellaneous
Couple of useful things

Updates in 2016

Latest updates: 12 December 2016
Archives are where it's at!

Latest updates: 28 November 2016
As usual some interesting stuff in miscellany
New entry in useful resources

Latest updates: 8 November 2016

Latest updates: October 2016
Lots of useful resources for cataloguers this month!

Latest updates: June 2016

Latest updates: April 2016
  • There's still talk of RDA
  • Back to basics
  • Cataloguers and their role

Latest updates: February 2016

Latest updates: January 2016

Updates in 2015
Latest updates: 14 December 2015

Latest updates: November 2015

Latest updates: July 2015

Latest updates: 26 January 2015

There have been a number of updates in 2015 already, but I have forgotten to add a link onto this page for them - sorry!

Updates in 2014

Latest updates: 17 November 2014
Archives, archives and more archives!
Some useful stuff
And some miscellaneous stuff

Latest updates: 27 October 2014

Latest updates: 13 October 2014

Latest updates: 19 May 2014
Updates mostly appear in Useful Cataloguing Resources!

Latest updates: 10 March 2014
I keep forgetting to update this page! Here's today's small selection of updates:

Latest updates are a bit limited today:

The latest updates, 27 January 2014, include new information on the following pages:

I keep forgetting to update this page when I add new information into these wiki pages! So, lots of stuff added on 6 January, 13 January and today, 20 January. Here's a selection:

Updates in 2013
Latest updates for December 2013
A few updates for the start of December:

Latest updates for November 2013
The usual suspects have been updated during November, as have a couple of pages that rarely make an appearance:

Latest updates for October 2013
Just a few updates 28 October 2013

A number of updated pages today, 7 October 2013

Latest updates for September 2013
A number of pages have been updated today, 30th September. These include:

Latest updates for September 2013
Just a few select changes this month!

Latest updates for May 2013
Many and varied, so hopefully something to interest you!

Latest updates for 2 May 2013

Latest updates for April

A few more updates for April:

Updates for April include:

Updates from January 1 to 4 March 2013 include:

Updates for 17 September 2012
CILIP CIG have just had their once-every-two-years conference. Find out about this on !Hot off the press!

Other updates inlcude:

Updates for 7 September 2012
Forgot to update this page the last time there were additions to the wiki - sorry! Here are the latest links:

Updates for 18th June 2012
Still got loads of stuff to add, but not much time to add it! Here's just a few things:

Updates for 24 May 2012
Playing a bit of catch up here! Links uploaded today include a variety of stuff on training, on events and on cat/class.
New page created (though why I didn't have one before, I'm not sure) on Classification!
Recently updated pages include:

Updates for 16 May 2012
Can't believe it's really been that long since I updated the site - please accept my apologies for this!
I have just discovered that I can upload word documents so watch this space for more developments!
New page created on the NVQ3!

Updates for 1 March 2012
Here's the list of recently updated pages:

Updates for 23 January - 20 February
Just a few areas covered in this month:

Updates for 16 January 2012
Starting the new year with two important areas:

Updates for 22 December 2011
Updates include the usual suspects plus:

Updates for 11 December 2011
Have a peek at:

Updates for 28 November 2011
These include selections added to:

Updates for 21 November 2011

Updates for 17 November 2011
Take a peek at the following updated pages:

Updates for 14 November 2011
Just a few things this week:

Updates for 7 November 2011

Updates for 4 November 2011:

Updates for 30 October 2011:
Still playing catch-up with all the useful things that have been flying round the web lately. Here's the latest selection:

*New page* Training events
Update for 19th August 2011

RDA page now playing up so checkout the new page!
Updates for 8th August 2011:

Still going strong with more additions to your cataloguing wiki!
4 August 2011 - Take a look at:

Apologies for the weird wording on some of my latest links; if i put the link at the end of the sentence then snapshots doesn't upset the spacing, but it might make the text read a bit oddly! See what you think on the following pages:
2 August 2011

Slowly plodding my way through hundreds of potentially good links to bring you the likes of the following:
1 August 2011

Huge problems with editing at the moment, so only a few updates for 31 July 2011
The usual suspects are here, plus some rare additions:

Your wiki was last updated on 8th and 13th June 2011!
Take a look at:

Latest update: 23 May 2011
Useful stuff in:

Latest update: 11 May 2011
I seem to be having some technical difficulties with the wiki today, possibly because someone has moved me onto IE9, so not as much has been updated as should have been, and snapshots seem to be causing extra spaces in lines, but not sure at the moment if that's a snapshot, a wiki or a web browser problem.

Yet again, another month of never-ending supply of great stuff!

Latest update: 13 April 2011
Take a look at the following pages that have been updated:

Latest update: 16 March 2011
There's certainly no let-up in the amount of good stuff coming through on all sort of topics of interest to cataloguers. Check out some of the follwing links to keep up-to-date with this fast-changing area of librarianship.

  • A real mixed bag in miscellaneous, from NOS to SKOS, plugins and fonts to projects!
  • Read the latest Sconul newsletter and about the trends in higher ed
  • RDA is never far from the top of the news pile!
  • Some whizzy webby things never fail to grab my attention, and investigating some even gets onto my "to do" list!
  • Whether you're interested in DDC23, RDA, metadata or media cataloguing then here's the page for you!
  • Where would we be without OPAC?
  • Cataloguers - a breed apart!
  • Authority headings get everywhere!
  • Space-age MARC records!

Latest update: 7 March 2011
Really struggling to keep up lately as there's been so much interesting stuff around! Checkout some of the following:

Latest update: 16 February 2011
There's always something interesting to add to the following pages:

Latest update: 2 February 2011
Snippets added to:

Save Our Libraries Day Feb 5th 2011
Latest updates: 19 and 26 January 2011 (sorry, forgot to update this page last time!)
There is just so much going on at the moment! See the following pages for the latest news!

Latest update: 13 January 2011
2011 looks as though it's going to be an exciting year for cataloguers! Check out:

Latest update: 20 December 2010
Have a look at:

Latest update: 8 December 2010
Lots of brilliant stuff coming out at the moment
RDA seems to be flavour of the month, but could be vying with cataloguers for the top spot! Also read about the CIG conference, name headings (in relation to RDA) and miscellaneous for snippets.

Latest update: 7 December 2010
Checkout the RDA page for lots of interesting stuff
The role of the cataloguer in the 21st century is under discussion again

Latest update: 1 December 2010
Lots of articles to read this time:

Latest update: 29 November 2010
Some exciting stuff now on the wiki, including:

Latest update: 28 November 2010
Apologies for being absent for a while; have been busy with other wikis and other things! Lots happening at the moment, so lots to think about. Have a couple of good links to add which I'll try and do this week. In the meantime, hope you find what you are looking for on this site. Any suggestions for additions would be welcome!

Latest update: 29 September 2010
Some great stuff now available:

Latest update: 21 September 2010
New page - Authority control

Latest update: 20 September 2010

Latest update: 16 September 2010

H O T P = updated!

Latest update: 10 August 2010

Latest update: 16 June 2010

Had a chance to go through some of my older links that had been forgotten, and also added quite a few very topical ones! This isn't a comprehensive list but do take a look around!

Latest update: 28 May 2010

Lots of good stuff this time!

Latest update: 10 May 2010

Pages updated today include:

Latest updates: 13 April 2010

Pages updated today include:

Latest updates: 8 February 2010

Pages updated today include:

Obviously, I would recommend reading them, but if you need to prioritse then start with the RDA stuff!

Latest update: 11 January 2010

Latest update: 8 December 2009

Latest update: 1 December 2009

Latest update: 27 November 2009

  • Cataloguing and indexing (CIG) page updated!
  • Catalogue your own CDs

Latest update: 25 November 2009

Latest update: 19 November 2009

Latest update: 11 November 2009

Latest update: 6 November 2009

Latest update: 12 October 2009

Latest update: 30 September 2009