cpd23 deserves its own page so here it is!

Latest update: 21 May 2013
cpd23 will not be running again in 2013. This blog explains why and links to some other useful training

Latest update: 24 May 2012
cpd23, 2012 is now running.
Interested in all-singing, all-dancing webby things, but don't know where to look nor what to look for? Then sign on for cpd23!
This will take you through lots of interesting webstuff, and along the way you'll meet lots of interesting librarian-folk!

Please see also the page on personal development for a wider range of information.

Latest update: 8 August 2011

What is cpd23?
It's not too late to sign up!

Now, hopefully this will link to all the blogs of the participants of cpd23!